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Some brief notes on the Furlough scheme

Earlier last month we put together some brief bullet point observations on the government furlough scheme:-
1 - we've had some businesses say they've been told that they can furlough staff and than have them 'volunteer' back at work while furloughed. DO NOT DO THIS. They are allowed to volunteer elsewhere but not with their employer.
2 - we've had a business say that they've been told that if they pay the extra 20% wage contribution their staff can continue to do some work for them. This is incorrect. DO NOT DO THIS
3 - if you need to furlough staff have an audit trail demonstrating why you needed to commercially, and why you selected those employees in particular (apply something similar to redundancy criteria - especially if you aren't paying the 20% balance)
4 - any furlough period must be for a minimum of 3 weeks if it is to qualify for the 80% contribution. Bank holidays won't break this up.
5 - whilst furloughed, employees can do unpaid or paid work so long as it isn't for their employer.
6 - to qualify for the ongoing flexible furlough scheme employees must have been on furlough leave for a qualifiying period of 3 weeks minimum by the time we reach 30 June. It isn't 100% clear but it seems that this would inlucde employees who have been furloughed for at least 3 weeks at some point since the furlough scheme was brought in.

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