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Bitesize Blog - Road Traffic Accidents

A car accident is a traumatic event for most people. Not only is it a life threatening event for you as a person, but it also often involves significant damage to one of your most valuable possessions - your car. We will recover compensation for your injuries, and also compensation for your vehicle damage. 

As a result of an accident you might also be unable to work for a period of time. Does your employer offer full sick pay? If not, we can recover compensation for the earnings you lose while off work due to your injuries. 

You might also suffer other expenses - care, medical treatment etc. We can recover the cost of this for you too. 

We do all of this on a no win no fee basis where we don’t charge you a penny if we don’t recover money for your injuries. If we do win we charge a fee of 25%. 

We charge our 25% fee on your injury compensation only. Many other solicitors charge their 25% fee on all of your past losses not just injury. 

This example will show the benefits and savings of using ACSL Ltd Solicitors:

Clive has an accident. Is injured for 2 months (worth approx. £1500), suffers £4000 damage to his vehicle, and loses £1000 in earnings for time off work. 

Many law firms would charge their 25% on all of those losses, charging a total of £1625 and leaving Clive with £4875. 

ACSL would charge our 25% on just the injury, meaning that our fee would be just £325 and Clive would receive £6125. 

Using ACSL would leave Clive £1250 better off than using many other law firms. 

If you know anybody who has been involved in a car accident, do them a favour and out them into touch with ACSL Ltd Solicitors. They will thank you later.

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