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Bitesize blog - what is 'liability'?

What does “liability’ mean?

Liability is another way of describing who is at fault. If someone admits liability, then they are admitting that they caused an accident.


Liability - admitted or disputed?

Some accidents are straightforward, and the question of who was to blame (who was liable) is swiftly resolved. 


In many accidents there might be a dispute about who was to blame. This means that liability is disputed. When this happens we must draw upon a wide range of information to prove that your version of what happened is the correct one.


What does this mean to you?

If you are involved in an accident, the first thing we will advise you about is whether we believe you where to blame for the accident or not. Once we are confident that you are likely to be successful, we will use our expertise to strengthen and present your case.



Now that we have explained the concept of liability, we will now explain the concept of ‘causation’ in our next article.

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